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Deep Clean & Sanitise

Split System Air Con

✅ Dramatically increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner

✅ Improves air quality by removing harmful germs, mould and bacteria

✅ Heating and cooling performance is increased by up to 4⁰C

✅ Prolong the life of your air conditioner

✅ Improved performance means your ideal temperature is reached quicker

✅ Ideal service for asthma and allergy sufferers

Proudly servicing all Gold Coast suburbs!

Remove harmful airborne pathogens


Reduced power bill


Prolong air conditioner lifespan

Simple pricing. No hidden fees!

$179 for 1 unit

$149 for each additional unit

price includes GST

What's involved:

✅ Split system deep clean & sanitise

✅ Remove mould and dirt from unit

✅ Apply cleaning agent to internal components

✅ Pressure clean evaporator coils

✅ Pressure clean blower and fan assemblies

✅ Clean condensate drain

✅ Sanitise evaporator casing

✅ Sanitise primary filters

✅ Hand spray coil clean

✅ Sanitise roller fan and assemblies

✅ Apply mould and bacterial treatment

✅ Straighten coil fins if necessary

✅ Replace remote batteries if necessary

✅ Clean outdoor condenser unit if necessary

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  • What are the benefits of getting an air conditioner clean?
    There are a few major benefits to having your air conditioner professionally cleaned. 1. Better indoor air quality Majority of the air conditoners we clean have a build up of mould and dirt that is not usually visible without a thorough inspection. Everytime a mouldy air conditioner is turned on it circulates contaminated air throughout your home. Being exposed to this contaminated air can cause respiratory illness and can trigger asthma attacks. A deep clean and sanitise of your air conditioner system can remove mould to ensure the air that it circulates is free from contaminants. 2. Improved Air Conditioner Efficiency Cleaning your split system airconditioner will remove built up dirt, dust & mould which causes the system to operate under extra load. A clean air conditoner will cool/heat quicker and can use less electricity, which could save you money on your electircity bill. 3. Increased air conditioner lifespan and reduce breakdowns Getting your air conditioner regularly cleaned (most manufacturers recommend annually) will ensure you are getting the maximum years and usage out of it. If the air conditioner is dirty, it has to work harder to cool/heat which will decrease the lifespan of the unit. By having an annual clean, it will allow a technician to inspect the unit and see if it needs any urgent repairs or replacement parts.
  • Do I need my air conditioner cleaned?
    If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we recommend you consider getting your air conditioner cleaned. 1. Has it been 12 months since you have had your air conditioner cleaned? 2. Does your air conditioner smell or has a foul odour? 3. Does your air conditioner have visible dust, dirt or mould inside the unit? 4. Does your air conditioner take a long time to cool/heat a room or house? 5. Are there any allergy sufferers residing in the home? If you would like to discuss this further with us, please call 0420 855 071 for a quick chat.
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